Marketing segmentation

A customer or market segmentation not only allows consolidation of efforts and resources for the same target, but also to improve the customer experience and therefore, improve the return on investment. With Numea, your segmentation won’t end up on a shelf!

Marketing segmentation, as a tool for strategic alignment

Segmentation and personas are essential to establish your business strategies and improve the customer experience. Proven time and time again, we have developed our own segmentation method based on statistical rigor and the relevance of the result. Let our experts introduce you to your customers from an unexplored angle to position you as a leader in the market.

What is segmentation?

A segmentation is the process of dividing the customers of an organization or market into homogeneous subgroups. This allows us to identify which customer groups have the most potential and target a few key segments on which to focus strategies and actions. By better understanding the key segments, segmentation then becomes a strategic tool that not only improves marketing positioning and targeting, but also the customer experience.

Why do a segmentation?

Advances in artificial intelligence make it possible to micro-personalize communications. However, developing a customer-oriented marketing strategy to each customer remains impossible. Segmentation therefore helps to guide strategies and identify business priorities based on key segments.
Much more than a targeting and positioning tool, segmentation makes it possible to:

  • Have a target and a vision common to all departments
  • Optimize efforts and resources towards a common goal
  • Improve the reputation and image of the organization by offering a service adapted to the expectations of your marketing targets, i.e. your key segments
  • Improve return on investment (ROI)
  • Differentiate customer journeys by segment

Segmentation Types

There are 3 main types of customer segmentation. The segmentation criteria are based on your business objectives:

Socio-demographic segmentation

Behavioral segmentation

Psychographic segmentation


Segmentation criteria


Family situation
Place of residence


Amount spent
Frequency of visit
Purchase channel



Depending on if you are looking to increase customer loyalty or acquire new ones, you will also have to choose between customer segmentation or market segmentation.

Customer Segmentation

Market Segmentation



The company’s customers: internal and/or external data

and personalization of communications

Consumers in the market: external data

of market share
and development of new markets/product

Strategic Segmentation

But why limit yourself to choosing only one type of segmentation? If you are looking to create a strategic segmentation covering several segmentation criteria and several objectives, the hybrid segmentation developed by Numea will be a particularly interesting option.

Strategic Segmentation: a hybrid segmentation by Numea

If your goal is to get to know your customer better in different facets, improve the customer experience and position yourself as a leader in the market, this segmentation will meet your needs.

Over the years, we have developed and refined our segmentation method to create a hybrid segmentation that covers the three main types of segmentation and the objectives of both acquisition and loyalty. Using internal data and survey data, we are able to create a complete and rigorous segmentation. Our segmentations are created from algorithms and advanced analytics to reflect the most accurate picture possible of your customer base.

Our segmentations are not transferable from one company to another, even if they operate in the same sector. It all starts with your priorities, your vision, your competitive advantages, and most importantly, your company’s DNA.

How to use segmentation?

Segmentation stems from a customer-oriented strategy. To offer the best customer experience, it goes without saying that segmentation is communicated across the organization and used by all business units.

Firstly, we support you in the choice of key segments, your target. This step is done with several key players in the organization (not just marketing!). You can then validate whether your own perception of your organization is in line with what your key segments perceive of you and what they want.

Finally, the exercise results in a unique value proposition for each of your key segments, and that’s where the success of our approach lies!

Our segmentation services

Choice of segmentation

Which segmentation will best meet your expectations?

The type of segmentation depends first and foremost on your needs and business objectives.

Segmentation Conception

Segmentation criteria

Are they necessarily the most obvious? Go beyond preconceived ideas and link your criteria to your business priorities.

Segmentation Design

Based on internal and/or external data, we design segmentation through advanced statistical analysis.

Strategic Support

For a concrete integration of segmentation into your business strategies, priorities must be identified for each business unit.

At Numea, creating segmentations is part of our tested and proven expertise. Our approach is rigorous and factual. We work from internal and/or external data. We also support you in the deployment to tangibly integrate them into your business strategies.

Data is not an end in itself;
it is opportunities waiting to be exploited.

What are you waiting for?