With Numea, you have access to a wide range of expertise, from data science to marketing through to BI and machine learning. Whether it’s for specific projects or ongoing support, enjoy peace of mind!


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> Strategic AI support
> Customer data experts
> Cutting-edge data science expertise
> Generative AI

Numea supports you in the development of your AI analytical journey, aligning your objectives with your current capabilities for an optimal strategy. Our team of experts guides you through the organization and validation of your data, to ensure solid governance essential to the success of your projects. We develop machine learning models based on their relevance and adaptability to your specific challenges. In our toolbox, we employ the most up-to-date methods in AI to guarantee innovative and effective solutions for your projects.

Strategic AI support

Accessible artificial intelligence

At Numea, we know that strategic support is crucial to the success of your AI projects. We’re with you from A to Z, helping you plan and validate every step of the way. First you need a solid foundation based on rigorous data governance. You can also integrate external data to enrich your analyses. We guide you through the calculation, visibility and interpretation of performance indicators, the understanding of your customers’ behaviors, and the creation and fine-tuning of machine learning models to keep them optimal and up to date. Predictive and optimization models are critical to optimal performance management.

Customer data experts

Data-driven marketing personalization

Numea is an expert in artificial intelligence applied to marketing and customer loyalty. We specialize in helping our partners develop loyalty and relationship marketing strategies that are adapted to current market dynamics. Our in-depth knowledge of customer journeys enables us to help many companies structure optimized, personalized user experiences.

Cutting-edge data science expertise

Advanced artificial intelligence analytics

At Numea, we’re experts at structuring data to extract a coherent, impactful narrative. Our ability to transform massive volumes of information into actionable insights enables us to unveil stories that guide your strategic decisions, optimize operational efficiency and enhance the customer experience. In addition to developing algorithms for multiple purposes, we have developed a recognized niche combining artificial intelligence and our expertise in marketing and customer loyalty:

  • Offer and content recommendation engine
  • Predictive models (Uplift, churn, etc.)
  • Media mix models
  • Customer segmentation models (clustering)
  • Media optimization models
  • Customer matching algorithms (Next Best Action and Next Best Offer)
  • Customer lifetime value
  • Intelligent automation

Generative AI

How can GenAI help you?

This technology is used to gather even more hidden information from your users. With GenAI, we analyze and interpret vast text databases to extract relevant insights. This approach enables you to benefit from precise predictive analyses and strategic recommendations that drive growth and strengthen market position. Here’s an overview of our areas of expertise:

  • Creation of additional variables with Web Search
  • Information extraction with Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG)
  • Segmentation of user reviews
  • Using embeddings to synthesize complex data

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