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Environics analytics

Enrich your
data with

Environics analytics

Enrich your data with Environics Analytics

A wide range of secondary data and analytical tools for easy exploitation to better understand your customers and your market.

Environics Analytics organizes data from different sources (surveys, polls, censuses) in a format that is easy for users to exploit. These data provide detailed information on Canadians and businesses: socio-demographics, behaviours, attitudes, lifestyle… They are as accurate as at the postal code level and are updated annually.

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Secondary databases

Sociodemographic, behavioural, financial, attitudinal data… a wide range of information from more than 30,000 variables is available to you. From this data you can, for example, profile the population around a point of sale, obtain the characteristics of the sectors from which your customers come, or even identify new markets.

Use this information to improve the relevance and accuracy of your digital marketing campaigns to acquire new customers. You can also add this information to the information you already collect to improve the accuracy of your analyses and the predictive power of your models to retain your customers.



PRIZM consumer segmentation

This segmentation classifies Canada’s neighbourhoods into 68 lifestyles based on geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioural data. Given that Quebec society is distinct from the rest of Canada, there is also a segmentation specific to this market, consisting of 58 segments.

Through short and simple descriptions, PRIZM provides the basis for developing customized strategies aligned with your business objectives.



Envision, a customer and market intelligence platform

ENVISION is a secure cloud computing platform that allows you to combine your own data with Environics Analytics databases.

This comprehensive tool allows you to map and analyze your customers and prospects to gain a deeper understanding of your market. With an intuitive user interface and an interactive dashboard for sharing reports and maps, ENVISION is as easy to use as it is powerful.