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Products IBM

IBM data analysis solutions

Because a spreadsheet is no longer enough, take it to the next level with IBM solutions.

When analyzing quantitative data, IBM software can help you process your data more easily and quickly. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to discuss the product that would best suit your needs and ambitions.

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IBM SPSS Statistics

A comprehensive and proven data analysis tool

Whether you want to perform rigorous statistical analysis or to start out in data science, this data analysis solution will meet your expectations. Fast, powerful, and user-friendly, it meets the standards of users with different needs and skill levels, from beginners to experienced analysts. Users come from, among others, private companies, government agencies, marketing research firms, research centres and universities.

The IBM SPSS Statistics family of products makes it easy and efficient for you to do all your data analysis work by enabling you to better manage, explore and model the information you collect.

In a single, integrated interface, perform descriptive statistics, regressions, advanced statistics and much more. Create graphs, tables, and decision trees ready to publish in minutes with a single tool.

In addition, specialized extensions provide enhanced SPSS syntax through R and Python integration.

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IBM SPSS Modeler

A data analysis solution without programming

This tool is a powerful set of data mining utilities that allows you to create predictive models quickly and intuitively without programming. The unique visual interface allows you to easily visualize the data mining process. With the advanced analytics built into the product, you can discover trends, understand the factors that influence them, and therefore exploit business opportunities.

IBM SPSS Modeler predictive analytics software provides you with several features and benefits:

  • Reading multiple data sources
  • Automatic data preparation
  • A range of automatic learning methods and algorithms
  • Text analysis
  • Take advantage of the new features of open source such as R or Python
  • Easy to use, it is suitable for both experts and beginners in the field of data science.

Available in multiple versions, IBM SPSS Modeler can move from desktop deployments to integration within operational systems.

IBM Watson Studio

An innovative and collaborative data analysis tool

IBM Watson Studio provides a collaborative environment to accelerate the integration of artificial intelligence into your business. This software offers several benefits, including using your algorithms where your data is, increasing the productivity of data scientists, application developers and domain experts, and operationalizing the data science lifecycle from analysis to prediction and optimization.

The various tools offered in the platform, including Python, R and SPSS Modeler, allow you to accelerate and optimize your processes. Whether you need to analyze, visualize, cleanse and organize data, or create and train custom statistical or machine learning models, you can choose the tools that are right for you.

This software is suitable for hybrid multi-Cloud environments that require high performance, security and governance, as well as public or private Clouds, on-premise or desktop.

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Customized IBM SPSS Solutions

Numea provides a complete analytics solution thanks to the IBM SPSS Statistics product family. We offer training and consulting services to help you get the most out of your use of these products.

Numea Expert Statistiques SPSS

For consultation with scientific clients and our expertise in statistical methodology.

Numea Expert « Data Mining »

For data mining, analytics and predictive modeling, big data management and processing.

Numea Mentorat SPSS

For training offered in different formats: virtual classroom (public), private, self-paced or webinar.