SPSS Custom tables & advanced stats

SPSS Custom tables & advanced stats

Detailed description of features

IBM® SPSS® Statistics Custom tables and advanced statistics.
Requires SPSS Statistics Subscription Base Edition. It is the most popular add-on that allows users to predict categorical results, apply nonlinear regression, perform multivariate modeling, and summarize results via custom tables.

SPSS Custom tables & advanced stats



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Proven add-on for data analysis. Requires Base edition.
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What am I buying?

  • IBM SPSS Subscription plan – Desktop edition for Windows and Mac
  • Pay according to the desired number of months or for an annual subscription
  • Requires Base Edition; 2 other optional add-ons are available for purchase
  • Requires internet connectivity and IBMid to log in; no license authorization code required
  • Analyze and store data on your computer, not in the cloud
  • Includes technical support

What happens after I place my order?

To process your order, we’ll need the user’s email address, company name and address, and phone number so that we can set up your subscription. Allow 3 working days for delivery. Once your order has been processed you will receive email notification from IBM confirming that your subscription is ready to use.  Follow the links in that email to set up your IBM ID.  This IBM ID is how you will download your product and access your subscription plan.

If you require technical support during the term of your subscription contact please contact us: info@numea.ca
If you require additional modules added to your subscription or you need to extend the term of your subscription please contact info@numea.ca