Recent Environics Analytics database updates

Recent Environics Analytics database updates

Numea is a proud reseller of Environics Analytics, a wide range of secondary data and analytical tools for easy exploitation to understand your customers and your market at a detailed level.  Environics Analytics organizes data from different sources (surveys, polls, censuses) in a format that is easy for users to exploit. These data provide detailed information on Canadians and businesses: socio-demographics, behaviours, attitudes, lifestyle and more.

Environics (EA) regularly announces the release of their latest data and enhancements to existing datasets. Here is a summary of recent updates:

Demographic Database CensusPlus 2021

Includes more than 750 popular variables, based on data collected by Statistics Canada during the 2021 Census. It includes household composition as well as age, level of education, employment status and income.

Demographic Database NewToCanada

  • Captures Canadian immigration trends by country and region of origin. Available at the dissemination area (DA) level.
  • Provides ability to analyze immigration trends over time across different cities, regions, or any user-defined geographies like trade areas.

New Demographic Database MoverStats

  • Measures the number of people and households moving in and out of each census dissemination area (DA) along with select demographics and a PRIZM® profile of movers at their destination based on their origin.
  • Built using privacy-compliant mobile movement data and updated quarterly.

Behavioural Database ClickScapes

  • Provides postal code level insight into which consumer packaged goods (CPG) are Canadians more likely to buy and how much did they spend.
  • Profiles derived from two years of data from Nielsen’s Homescan® Shopper Panel, tracks more than 12,000 households per year that log the UPC codes of the products they purchase.

Behavioural Database HomeScan Profiles

Captures visitors and visits to individual mobile apps and websites to provide a new view of the digital behaviour of Canadians. Data is categorized by organizations and interests such as travel, financial planning, education, shopping and more. Select entire categories of variables to rank websites for your markets and from ENVISION, export reports as Excel files

Behavioural Database ShopperChoice

  • Offers consumer packaged goods (CPG) retailers and manufacturers, restaurants, and food delivery companies insights into Canadian shoppers, including what type of products they research and purchase, shopping preferences, online shopping behaviours, and what store qualities earn their loyalty.
  • Shows a perspective into the daily meal habits of Canadian households by helping identify the occasion, frequency, and satisfaction of households that are eating at home, eating out, or picking up ready-to-eat meals while doing groceries.

Automotive Database EVTrends

  • Canada’s premier database for measuring eVehicle adoption
  • Powered by Experian provides current, historical, and projected quarterly registration data. Use for trending and seasonal analysis or to help identify neighbourhoods likely to purchase eVehicles in the future.
  • Updated quarterly as new vehicle registration (NVR) data becomes available.

Location Database ChainLocations

  • Provides curated location data for retail, restaurant, and services chains across Canada and the U.S.
  • Offers geocoded location data for approximately 1,400 chains in Canada, from single storefronts to companies with hundreds of locations and offers the name and North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for each chain.
  • Updated regularly to provide you with the most up-to-date locations.

Location Database Spectra Trade Areas

  • Evaluates impact of your competition on your stores and connects with any other data EA offers to provide insights on your shoppers in a particular trade area.
  • Created using Nielsen TDLinx®, covers more than 21,000 grocery, drug, mass merchandise, club, convenience and gas, and discount stores.
  • Updated quarterly and includes modeled probabilistic geographic trade areas based on several attributes, including store sales and competition, and distance between a store location and neighbouring dissemination areas.

Mobile Analytics Database MobileScapes

  • An anonymized, permission-based data service that uses data collected from location-enabled mobile devices. Users can identify devices observed within a defined area, such as a store, public square, or on a roadway for a given date and time range.
  • Main sources of data are approximately 100,000 opt-in location-enabled applications on mobile devices and ad exchange platforms.
  • Provides a unique, persistent, yet anonymous device ID, along with a date, time and latitude/longitude coordinates for each observation. The device ID is part of the source data used for building MobileScapes, however, it is excluded from any end-user delivery.
  • Outside of ENVISIONMobileScapes Plus offers mobile movement extracts as configured and standardized deliveries, such as weekly reports, dashboards, or other tailored extracts.

Mobile Analytics Database FootFall 2.0

  • This solution allows you to identify trends and compare visits to your locations, but also to those of your competitors. Who visits what, where, when and how?
  • The most accurate, comprehensive and up-to-date mobile movement data available in the market, built using MobileScapes.
  • The update includes new statistics, new analysis periods and PRIZM® visitor demographics and segments.

Do you have questions about one of these databases? Do not hesitate to contact our team for more details.

For more details on EA’s new and updated databases, visit the Environics Analytics Community Announcements page.